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How Fazoli's Controls Food & Labor Costs to Maintain Operational Excellence

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Fazoli’s journey began over three and a half decades ago with a simple yet bold vision: to serve fast, fresh Italian cuisine in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The name "Fazoli's" was inspired by the Italian word "famiglia," meaning family, reflecting the brand’s focus on providing a friendly environment for families to enjoy meals together.

Founded in 1988 in Lexington, Kentucky, Fazoli’s owns and operates over 208 restaurants across 28 states, making it the largest QSR Italian chain in America. Fazoli’s prides itself on serving quality Italian food, fast, fresh, and friendly. Menu offerings include freshly prepared pasta entrees, sub sandwiches, salads, pizza, and desserts – along with its unlimited signature breadsticks.

Crunchtime has helped Fazoli's transform its restaurant operations. 

tim_kimmel_@2x"Crunchtime helps us get to the end results we're looking for so we can grow our business and have confidence that the information we're looking at is correct."

Tim Kimmel
VP of Company Operations, Training & HR, Fazoli's

In the fast-paced world of the restaurant industry, maintaining operational excellence is paramount for success. Fazoli's has mastered the delicate balance of controlling food and labor costs while consistently delivering high-quality meals and exceptional service to its customers. Fazoli's uses Crunchtime every day in every restaurant to achieve success. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look inside restaurant operations and hear directly from leaders across Fazoli’s who share their perspectives about using Crunchtime in our latest video: 

With a harmonious blend of efficiency and excellence in every aspect of its operations, Fazoli's is setting the benchmark for success in the restaurant industry. Click here to learn more about how Crunchtime helps the best restaurant brands in the world achieve exceptional results.