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[New Research] Improving Operations Execution Could Increase Sales Significantly

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Each shift, restaurant employees are expected to complete specific tasks and responsibilities to ensure the store runs smoothly. This work may vary depending on the role, the time of day, or even the day of the week, but it must be done at the right time, in the right way–every time. This is operations execution–ensuring work is done correctly and on time every day in every store to keep business moving and growing.  

Every task completed by every employee across your locations is an opportunity that can drive a great customer experience—and make a big impression on them about your brand. The consistent cleanliness of the store entrance, the freshness of food on display, and other aspects of a visit are key to creating repeat customers. When restaurants fail in this area, they often end up with disappointed customers and frustrated employees. 

In the recently released 2023 Restaurant Operations Report, operators estimated that if stores could more consistently complete daily operational tasks (such as cleaning/sanitization checklists, food safety logs, brand standards work, etc.), sales would potentially increase by an average of 22% in each store.

Respondents also ranked operations execution initiatives, such as quickly and effectively rolling out new processes and initiatives, gaining real-time visibility into performance across all stores, and automation or optimization of daily operational processes, as top drivers of operational excellence that impact the success of stores (via sales and/or guest satisfaction).

Further confirming the strategic value that operators place on improving operations execution, with the upside tied to driving revenue, it’s extremely meaningful to operations execution right. With automation becoming more of a standard within best-in-class foodservice brands, the name of the game is working smarter, not harder. Stop letting your team spend countless hours on work that could easily be reduced – or removed altogether.

To grow by opening new locations (96% of operators planning on unit expansion), while also making new stores successful, analyze what makes your best stores tick. To make headway against growth and expansion goals, take those processes and apply them to your new stores to set them up for success from the get-go. 

Download your free copy of the 2023 Restaurant Operations Report to dig into the full survey results. You can also watch a deeper dive into the findings from a recorded webinar with EnsembleIQ

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