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300+ Location CKE Franchisee Sees Impressive Time and Cost Savings with Crunchtime

CKE franchisees are responsible for making sure each store lives up to the star-studded experience that customers count on. But, in the ever-evolving restaurant space, it’s tough to find enough time to get everything done while focusing on making customers smile and growing revenue across locations. 

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With close to 10,000 employees, this 300+ location franchisee continues to grow and expand with more restaurant openings and renovations, even during the pandemic. 

To continue its tenure of operational excellence, this CKE franchisee implemented Crunchtime for inventory management to mitigate challenges like ever-rising food costs and supply chain unpredictability. Though changing systems and going through implementation can be complicated, especially when it comes to restaurant inventory systems, their perspective improved after seeing the tangible value of using Crunchtime. 

Here are the results this CKE franchisee has seen using Crunchtime for inventory management: 

  • Time Savings: Employees save time on inventory tracking, always know what stock is on hand, and automate stock ordering and prep so they’re not left understocked. Team members in-store are equipped with mobile apps to make their work more efficient and effective, and can easily provide accurate data to management.

    Before Crunchtime, it was taking ~2 hours to count everything and 30-40 minutes to reconcile. Now, they get accurate inventory counts in just 20 minutes, with zero time spent on reconciliation.

    "Using Crunchtime, we're able to give back 3-4 hours per week that can be spent on higher-impact initiatives." - CKE Franchisee, 300+ Locations
  • Cost Savings: They can track actual versus theoretical food costs to identify waste and improve profitability. With one source of truth for inventory management, purchasing, costs, vendors, and integrations are accessible in an all-in-one platform.

"With Crunchtime, our inventory carries came down significantly, to the lowest cost we’d ever seen before. Because of Crunchtime’s accuracy as our inventory system of record, that’s money saved instead of sitting on the shelf.” - CKE Franchisee, 300+ Locations

This top-performing CKE franchisee continues to partner with Crunchtime as it continues on its decades-long journey of delighting customers and retaining star employees. They are also in the process of expanding their use of Crunchtime by implementing labor management for scheduling and communication with employees.

To learn more about the restaurant brands that run their operations on Crunchtime across 125K+ locations, 500+ brands, and 100+ countries, visit crunchtime.com/customers