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How to Measure What Matters in Multi-Unit Restaurant Operations

When it comes to all of the work done across your restaurant operations, are you measuring what matters? Restaurant ops teams have a lot on their plates—figuratively and literally, of course. But how do you measure the impact and success of the work ops teams do every day?

Whether it’s inventory management, scheduling, operations execution, or employee development, each aspect of operations drives important outcomes that impact profitability, customer experience, and growth. 

To determine the value of these outcomes, you first need to understand what to measure and how to measure it. This is what ultimately enables you to improve operations and drive significant returns back into the business.

Measuring What Matters in Restaurant Operations is a brand-new guide that explains how to measure success across four operational focus areas to demonstrate the impact of the work that you and your teams do every day. 

This guide will help you if you are: 

  • Trying to measure how your existing operations programs or technology are performing–determining if they’re making an impact and how they can be improved

  • Evaluating a new technology partner–identifying if the technology will provide you with the data and metrics to measure success the way you need it to

  • Building a business case for a new program or technology–understanding how investing in this program will positively impact your business

As a leading operator, you know there is significant value in achieving operational excellence in your stores. To help you measure the tangible value of operational excellence, this toolkit outlines key outcomes across four focus areas:

Whether your organization is in the beginning stages of focusing on operational excellence or is already well on its way, the metrics and expected outcomes outlined in the guide can help you quantify your progress and ultimately prove the value of investing in initiatives that drive operational excellence.

Measuring What Matters in Restaurant Operations will help you confidently prove that operations initiatives are worthwhile investments that pay for themselves in the value of the benefits for your business:

We invite you to download this free toolkit, and share it with anyone responsible for the success of your stores.