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3 Key Areas of Operations Execution that Drive Value in Restaurants

What’s the value of all the store-level work—tasks, audits, SOPs, and more—happening in each restaurant every day?

All of the work done across every store is an opportunity to drive a great customer experience and impression about your brand. This is operations execution—ensuring that every task completed by every employee is done correctly and on time across every location to keep the business moving and growing. As a result, there is strategic value in investing in operations execution. Improving operations execution in stores could boost sales by 22%.

Prioritizing initiatives that give teams time back to spend on more meaningful activities, like interacting with guests, are worthwhile investments. Enhancing the work happening in every restaurant can drive value back into your business. 

Measuring What Matters in Restaurant Operations is a new guide that outlines how you can track the measurable impact of operations execution across every location. 

As outlined in the guide, restaurants can measure the value of investing in operations execution by tracking a variety of tangible metrics in these three key focus areas: 

1. Productivity
Efficiency in stores, the field, and HQ

2. Quality of Execution 
Completing standard operating procedures (SOPs) correctly and consistently 

3. Visibility 
Gaining insights to make operational improvements faster

To dive into all the metrics and outcomes across these 3 key focus areas, download Measuring What Matters in Restaurant Operations and start tracking how improving operations execution in your restaurants can positively impact customer experiences and your bottom line.

The guide also includes a downloadable worksheet that you can use to jot down your own notes and benchmarks, and also share it with anyone responsible for the success of your stores. You’ll also see real ROI outcomes from real brands like Taco Bell.

Ready to measure the impact of all the store-level work—tasks, audits, SOPs, and more,—happening in each restaurant? Download Measuring What Matters in Restaurant Operations to learn where there are opportunities to improve to help you drive value back into your business.