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CrunchTime Wins Restaurateurs’ Choice Award for Environmental Good

Restaurant Technology News recognizes inventory management and BizIQ reporting guidance for cutting restaurant food waste

This week Restaurant Technology News, the hospitality industry’s premier source of information and insights related to technology innovation at the world’s leading quick service, fast casual and full service restaurants, announced the winners of its RTN Choice Awards for Environmental Good — with CrunchTime earning the award for Restaurateurs’ Choice Award for Environmental Good!

RTN’s annual awards were established to recognize excellence and innovation in providing and/or utilizing next-generation technologies to achieve sustainability and eco-friendly practices in restaurant operations, and winners are selected through voting by Restaurant Technology News readers and staff.

“It has been said that if food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gasses after the United States and China. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, approximately one third of food produced globally each year goes to waste. In the United States alone, food waste is estimated to be between 30 to 40 percent of the total food produced annually,” RTN said in announcing the winners. “It’s no surprise, then, that focus areas for 2019 were in the areas of excellence in utilizing technology to reduce restaurant energy consumption and food waste and also excellence in utilizing eco-friendly restaurant materials.”

CrunchTime stood out as an award-winning software solution for food management that’s proven to tighten inventory and reduce food waste – achieving lower waste, less spoilage, less theft, lower food costs and higher profits. CrunchTime’s Actual vs. Theoretical Food Costing helps its customers save 2-5% on food costs, bringing significant ROI in addition to the environmental impact.

Recognizing CrunchTime, RTN wrote,

“With CrunchTime’s advanced approach to inventory management, restaurants can monitor consumption and food waste at scale on a day-to-day basis. CrunchTime’s advanced BizIQ reporting guides decisions on everything from menu design to menu implementation, helping restaurants lower their total food inventory level by upwards of 25%, resulting in minimal food waste.”

For a deeper dive into how CrunchTime is making an impact upon food waste, read the RTN success stories on CrunchTime customers. The Briad Group shared how they are reducing food and labor costs at Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar with CrunchTime, and Hickory Tavern opened up on how they reduced food waste by 25% by using CrunchTime!

It’s an honor to be recognized by Restaurant Technology News, a premier source of information and insights related to technology innovation at the world’s leading quick service, fast casual and full service restaurants. That honor rightfully extends to all of our users as well, who are making a front-line impact in food waste reduction at thousands of restaurants.

About CrunchTime! Information Systems, Inc.

CrunchTime! Information Systems, Inc., provides a comprehensive restaurant management platform that simplifies and automates food and labor operations. By driving the flow of information throughout the organization, CrunchTime ensures operators make timely, fact-based decisions that help brands reduce food and beverage costs, drive labor efficiencies, and better manage the quality and consistency of their foodservice operations. For 25 years, CrunchTime has enabled restaurant chains of all sizes to scale efficiently and save money. For more information, visit www.crunchtime.com.