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MainCourse e-learning Solution Passes Half a Million Lesson Completions

The MainCourse e-learning solution makes it quick and easy for users to learn critical application tasks.

Since launching in 2015, CrunchTime’s MainCourse e-learning solution has helped users of varying skill sets and experience levels master our world-class food and labor operations platform and accompanying applications. This past month, MainCourse reached a significant milestone when a user completed the company’s 500,000th lesson mark. That’s half a million lessons completed in four years!

Just as significant is the rate in which MainCourse usage is growing. Users are on track to complete 200,000 lessons in 2019 alone. That’s about 20,000 hours worth of training, or about 8 hours a day for 10 years. People are learning the system at an alarming rate!

Not only are more people using MainCourse’s system, they are getting more out of it. New courses are added constantly to ensure users are able to master new features and functionality. This allows our customers to optimize food and labor costs and maintain a high level of operational efficiency, even when new employees join their team and need to be brought up to speed.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about MainCourse:

“I love the MainCourse content and how it is laid out. The courses are an excellent way to prep newbies and those who think they know everything within CrunchTime. CrunchTime continues to keep adding new courses to help with more features that people routinely use.”

Trent Vargason, Technology Director for Runza

“Feedback on the courses has been very positive. CrunchTime did a great job in creating content and we’re looking forward to more down the road, especially as a training tool for new managers coming in, or promoted Kitchen & Bar Managers.”

Bryce Renn, Executive Bar Manager of Hofman Group’s Lucille’s BBQ and Hof’s Hut

Learn more about MainCourse here.