Restaurant Menu Engineering

Better planning builds proper margins into every menu item!

Recipe Modeling equips your culinary, marketing, and procurement teams with a simple ‘playground’ to analyze the impact of ingredient costs, the profit margin for a given menu price, the menu price for an expected profit margin, and the current cost to produce a recipe in each region.

Menu Engineering allows for more profitable menus by analyzing customer demand, percentage sales contributions, costs, and profit margins. Easily identify your most (and least) profitable items and make the right adjustments to your menu. 

LTO Marketing Management so you can launch more effective marketing campaigns by understanding the true cost of a new LTO or promotion – before rollout.  After your LTO campaign, post-mortem cost and profit results and then share that information with your CMO!

Consistent food quality now scales across the enterprise

Centralized Recipe Management defines your recipes, production methods, portion size, products, and substitutes, you can ensure consistent food quality and a superior customer experience across your restaurants.

Centralized Production Rules makes sure food quality is consistent and increases kitchen efficiency by providing detailed production steps and plating instructions for your team members. Upload pictures and plating instruction videos to maximize execution levels at the restaurants.

Comply with federal, state and local regulations

Nutritional Calculator is built right into CrunchTime. As you build and alter recipes, monitor the nutritional attributes associated with each menu item including calories, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates and proteins.

Allergen Data is captured centrally. Ensure the safety of your customers by centrally monitoring allergen data for each recipe including dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, soy and more.

Comply with Menu Labeling Laws to meet the regulatory requirements of local and federal menu labeling laws by centrally managing and displaying nutritional and caloric attributes for each menu item.

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