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What Crunchtime Stands For: Our Company Values

Undeniably a lot has changed since Crunchtime was founded in 1995—not only in the world around us, but also within our own company.  

We've grown into a relatively large community over the course of our nearly 30-year tenure, with 500+ brands that manage over 125,000+ locations in 100+ countries around the globe. We’ve continued to extend our global presence and expand platform capabilities through both continued investment in product development and recent acquisitions that include Zenput, Squadle, and Cosmos 21—the developer of the BrandMate platform. 

Earlier this year, we gave our logo and brand a complete transformation and launched a new visual identity. We also hosted our largest-ever customer event in Crunchtime history, Ops Summit 2023.

The Crunchtime team has grown to 400+ remote-first employees across our hybrid workforce with offices located in Atlanta, Boston, Guadalajara, Melbourne, Nashua, and San Francisco, with our Customer Experience team representing nearly 1/3 of our entire employee base. Whether it's celebrating milestones, team outings, virtual cooking classes, or simply sharing adorable photos of our beloved pets, we cultivate a fun-loving and inclusive environment.

To reflect our growth and evolution, we felt it important to take a fresh look at and recodify our company values. 

A group of employees who exude Crunchtime’s culture were selected to lead the charge. This 'values council' met to workshop, brainstorm, and collaborate on what our values would look like. First, they defined why our values matter: 

  • They define who we are and what sets us apart
  • They guide how we communicate, act, and work together
  • They help candidates, and us, identify a good fit in the recruiting process
  • They hold us accountable internally, as individuals, as teams, and as a company, and externally to our customers, vendors, and stakeholders

While our executive team served as a sounding board to ensure that the values selected were articulated and summarized in a way that is true to what they believe Crunchtime stands for, the employees on the values council were in the driver's seat to guide each other and decide where to go.   

Without further ado, we proudly present our employee-driven Crunchtime values:

  • Connect - It’s the people that make the journey special
  • Extend a hand - Be there for our customers, and one another 
  • Make an impact - Spend your time where it’ll matter most 
  • Succeed together - We accomplish more as a team

To ensure these values come to life, as a company and individuals, we'll hold ourselves and each other accountable to practice what we preach. As we continue to grow, these core values will help us maintain a strong culture across our workforce as we continue to pursue our mission and vision. 

We’re committed to investing in our products, our customers, and our people as we grow. Let’s see what we can accomplish together. Check out our open positions.