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Restaurant management software can aid in team training and restaurant success

Why Short Online Employee Training Courses Are Easier to Digest

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The days of hours-long orientation and training courses are over for the service industry. As attention spans shorten and the need for shift-ready new hires increases, restaurant operators are looking for ways to train team members effectively. The new approach involves quick, bite-sized training videos that can hold viewers' attention and expedite the training process. 

Restaurant management system with training courses

Breaking up employee training into more manageable pieces ensures that each team member will stay engaged with the material before they get to try it hands-on. Each lesson follows the following core elements:

  • They focus on the most critical need-to-know stuff
  • They contain built-in simulations so trainees can practice what they learn
  • They include quizzes to help learners review the material

Crunchtime's learning management system (also known as an LMS) was built with restaurants in mind, meaning that hundreds of pieces of content are ready to deploy instantly, including compliance, skill, leadership programs, and BOH management trainings. A learning management system tailored to fit each operation's unique set of needs is one example of how restaurant management software can help your organization thrive. 

Crunchtime's online restaurant training programs provide users instant access to the training materials and allow users and managers to track progress. Meanwhile, courses can be auto-assigned to employees, helping save time and ensuring each team member gets the right training. Employees can also re-visit lessons as needed so that they can always be confident with whatever task they are doing. 

Restaurant management system dashboard for employee training

Miller's Ale House prepares its employees for success

Miller’s Ale House, a casual dining tavern with just under 100 locations in 13 different states, once had to train 406 people in just three weeks when it updated its Crunchtime platform. Using Crunchtime's learning management system, everyone was trained quickly and efficiently, without anyone having to take time away from their restaurant or travel a single mile. The quick, bite-sized nature of the training materials was effective in keeping everyone's attention so they could absorb the information.

The team members at Miller's Ale House benefitted immensely from the new training, and they were able to significantly reduce food waste and increase productivity. This helped Miller's Ale House earn an SDCE 100 Award for top supply chain projects in 2019. 

Top brands like Miller's Ale House know that employees are the backbone of the business, and having knowledgeable employees, coupled with an effective restaurant management system, will help lead each restaurant to success. Focusing on quick, bite-sized training videos or programs will resonate with trainees and help ensure each team member gains the knowledge they need to excel at their jobs and deliver on brand expectations.

To learn more about restaurant training strategies, explore Crunchtime's Learning and Development solution.