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20+ Pro Tips from Industry MVPs to Achieve Operational Excellence in Every Restaurant

From the Big Dance to the Big Mac, sports teams and restaurant teams alike need winning strategies to consistently succeed. As the madness of the NCAA tournament reaches its peak, it’s a good reminder to take a close look at the critical strategies or "plays" your restaurant is running. And, there’s no better way to learn than from the pros themselves. 

To stay winning, every industry—including the restaurant industry—needs to rapidly evolve its strategies to address new challenges and opportunities. Let's take a look at 20+ winning plays and pro tips from today's leading operators. 


Refine inventory strategies to control food costs and deliver a great guest experience

With the right plays in place, restaurant operators can transform their approach to inventory and dramatically reduce the time and resources needed to effectively and efficiently control their food costs and deliver a great guest experience.

We’ve compiled six tips and best practices from leading restaurant brands like Cypress Five Star (a multi-national operator of Blaze Pizza and Five Guys), Topgolf, and Fox Restaurant Concepts (operators of casual dining brands including Zinburger, Flower Child, Culinary Dropout, Blanco, and The Henry) to help you refine your inventory strategies.

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Improve your restaurant's scheduling and labor management

For fast-growing restaurant brands, any opportunity to increase efficiencies is a win. But when it comes to managing labor, operators often face many roadblocks. Use these 9 tips from leaders in the food service industry—Cracker Barrel, Cotton Patch Cafe, and Five Guys—and take back control of your labor and scheduling. 

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Drive customer experience, profitability, & growth

With the speed of change in the industry, restaurants face a range of new challenges that make it more difficult than ever to control profitability and deliver great guest experiences. Brands like Burger King, Culver’s, and Chipotle are navigating these industry challenges to achieve ops excellence. Learn how they’re managing day-to-day profitability, brand standards, and the overall customer experience across locations to compete consistently and profitably in every location, from ensuring quality team execution and training to managing the two most impactful costs to the business–food, and labor.

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In the ever-evolving restaurant industry, practice makes perfect to come out winning. Adding these pro tips to your strategy will help your team master the game plan to achieve operational excellence. To learn from more industry experts, check out our latest case studies and testimonial videos here.