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2023 Ops Summit Recap: An Overview of Customer Experience at Crunchtime

In October, we hosted our all-new user conference, Ops Summit 2023, in San Antonio, TX. We were thrilled to be joined by hundreds of customers, leaders, users, and advocates from the Crunchtime community to learn and share their experience and know-how.

Chief Customer Officer, Andy Bergen, took the stage to share Crunchtime’s dedication to supporting customers, and how we’re focused on continuing to help our customers solve problems every day. Since joining Crunchtime in June 2023, Andy has been on a listening tour to learn and understand how he can better help our team to make sure that Crunchtime is helping all of our customers drive value.

Crunchtime Customer Experience By the Numbers

  • 1/3 → Crunchtime’s Customer Experience team represents nearly 1/3 of our entire employee base. We heavily invest in supporting our customers’ success.

  • 100 →  Crunchtime has more than 100 product training courses being taken by tens of thousands of learners each year.

  • 500,000 →  We are currently on track to achieve over 500,000 completions this year, which works out to be one completion a minute, for every minute in the year.

  • 1,000 → We’re constantly working on updating and enhancing our knowledge base. With more than 1,000 articles and growing, we’re holding ourselves accountable to better position every multi-unit restaurant for success.

  • 81 →  We’re proud of our 81% course completion rate—which also includes repeated views, so it’s actually higher than that excluding the folks who already completed the course and are rewatching it.

  • 30 → Over the past few years, there has been a major shift in the way our learners consume these courses. Right now, 30% of them are taking these courses on their phones.

Whats New at Crunchtime - FINAL (1)

We’re committed to the specific needs of our growing community of leading operators 

Every day we are learning how our users are maximizing our platform so that we can help our entire customer base learn and grow. It’s our job to help accelerate and collect best practices and share them with all of our customers, to ensure they understand the platform’s full potential, and use it better throughout their organizations. 

Crunchtime is your partner every step of the way–we never leave you to figure it out alone. 

We have teams dedicated to every stage of the customer journey who understand the complexity of your business because of our experience supporting large enterprises. Our Customer Experience team is made up of four specific teams, including: Customer Success Management, Professional Services, Education & Digital Adoption, and Customer Support.

Working directly with restaurant brands that we also visit as consumers allows us to see the impact of our work firsthand, and provides us with incredible empathy for the day-to-day challenges our customers face. We also encourage and welcome feedback, as we constantly strive to improve.

Thank you to all who took the time to join us at Ops Summit 2023, our featured speakers, and customers who have graciously shared their own experiences at the conference. Click here to learn more about Crunchtime's service experience.