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Two Restaurant A.I. Features for the BOH

Artificial Intelligence for the Back of House?

What if super-smart robots were deployed as partners for your GMs? This kind of restaurant artificial intelligence sounds really far fetched, right? For example, imagine a world where vendor orders are generated and transmitted automatically, and invoices reconcile themselves, freeing your GMs to work on more other areas of concern. Well...

Back Office AI is happening now...

There are two new features from CrunchTime that work automatically:Auto Order/Reconcile

  • Auto-Reconcile (released in version 5.5)
  • Auto-Order (slated for release in version 6.0)

What do they do?

Auto-Order checks current inventories against a desired on-hand value to determine how much to order – just like your GMs do. Only CrunchTime is a perpetual inventory system that “knows” what’s on-hand for every product at all times, so it’s much faster than a human. Then, when vendors send invoices, Auto-Reconcile compares them to the orders, confirms terms and quantities, and auto-completes that process as well. The result is a serious time savings.

Safeguards are the standard

Of course these automatic systems have safeguards! You can set thresholds to ensure only appropriate auto-orders are sent, and auto-reconcile won’t complete if there are discrepancies. In each case, managers will see dashboard tasks alerting them to step in and complete the process.

Self-Driving Back-of-House

These features are part of what we think of as the CrunchTime “Self-Driving BOH," and are intended to free up managers to focus on their vital priorities – like your customers, staff, and operations.

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