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Delivering Ops Excellence at Scale Through Ops Execution

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How do you maintain brand standards during rapid growth? Understanding the keys to setting up operators for successful unit growth can be the difference between floundering and delivering excellence at scale. 

While operational excellence may be second nature when a brand is small, maintaining those standards can become very challenging during growth phases. Whether your growth goals are to add 5, 10, or 100 locations, consistency is the key to great guest experiences. But with so much to keep track of every day, staying on top of brand standards as you grow is a daunting challenge at best. 

As part of our Ops Innovators Webinar Series, three operations leaders will share best practices for Delivering Excellence at Scale Through Ops Execution. Join us on Wednesday, July 17, at 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT to learn how Wingstop, Gong cha, and Sizzling Platter maintain operational excellence through brand growth. They'll discuss how they are addressing the challenges of equipping teams for rapid growth while keeping great guest experiences at the core of their operations. Attendees will discover how visibility into the tasks being executed at every location and above-store audits with corrective actions can make a huge impact in aligning for growth.

The panel will be moderated by James Byrne, Enterprise Director for Crunchtime, and he'll be joined by three Crunchtime customers who will share how they put ops excellence to work in the real world.

Meet the Panelists


Stephanie Herrington
Manager, Operations Excellence


Stephanie Herrington is the Manager, Operations Excellence, at Wingstop Restaurants Inc. and has been with the brand for one and a half years. With over 18 years of experience, Stephanie is no stranger to the restaurant industry. Her passion for restaurant operations, training, and food safety is evident in her achievements. She believes that Wingstop managers and team members can thrive using modern and innovative platforms and processes. Stephanie is excited about Wingstop’s growth and looks forward to sharing their flavor with the world! A fun fact about her is that her favorite Wingstop flavor is Louisiana Rub!


Rebecca Kahn
Franchise Business Leader, US & Canada
Gong cha


Rebecca Kahn boasts a decade-long track record as a successful franchise business partner and manager. Her expertise lies in driving large-scale operational initiatives and orchestrating portfolio acquisitions, restaurant development, and marketing plans. Prior to joining the Gong cha team, Khan was the Franchise Business Partner of the US Mid-Atlantic region at Burger King where she helped guide the rebrand and digital transformation of the company.  Before Burger King, Khan spent six years as a consultant for Subway franchisees, providing recommendations for improved performance in operations and profit growth opportunities. As Franchise Business Leader Executive for Gong cha, Kahn expertly guides the company’s Master Franchisees in the U.S. and Canada. In her role, she optimizes performance and fosters operational excellence through the implementation of cutting-edge tools and strategic approaches, such as the integration of new technologies and training programs.


Matthew Smith
Learning & Development Specialist
Sizzling Platter

Matthew Smith is the Learning and Development Specialist for Sizzling Platter, a restaurant management company with 8 brands, 668 restaurants in the US, and over 100 restaurants in Mexico. Matthew started his professional career in consumer market research, working primarily with the R&D teams at large food and beverage companies, but took a hard left into his current role at Sizzling Platter 5 years ago. Despite never working in a restaurant, he was able to fill a gap in the Training Department by taking the lead on the discovery and implementation of new technologies. Since then, Sizzling Platter has seen improvements with better visibility in their day-to-day operations and improved communication between Ops and the Support Center/Main Office.

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